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Ordering Bunny Publications

To our Retail Customers

We sell all our quilting patterns to the trade, meaning that you can purchase them at your favorite quilt shop. If they do not currently have them in stock, please give them our information and request that they inquire! Plus, most quilt shops will order a pattern for you that you want.

For your convenience, you can contact us, and we will give you the names of quilt shops near you, or online sites, that carry our patterns.

Our only direct retail sales are the cross-stitch patterns, which are no longer on the market. They are the original MAMA patterns from 1986 to 1991, and have my hand drawn charts. You can contact us for information.

To The Trade

Please inquire as to our No Minimums policy, Fast Shipping, and No Shipping Charges option. We will gladly accommodate single orders from customers, as well as give you ideas for classes using the MAMA patterns. Please contact us or order from our distributor, Pattern Peddlers.